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Hay is a video chat platform that lets you make new friends from around the world! Our real-time random matching system allows chatting with strangers and making new friends through online chat. With webcams and cams, the experience feels like being in the same room. Fun filters add excitement. Hay video chat is for exploring cultures, talking to people globally, and building your social circle. Join now with a single tap!

Video Chat Features

Meet Hay, meet your like-minded friends!

With real-time video chat and text chat feature, you can connect with strangers on your own terms. Enjoy face-to-face conversations with real-time webcam chat or opt for live cam chat, or choose text chat if you prefer. It's the perfect platform to practice language skills, make new friends, and connect with people from around the globe.

Regional / gender filter & Real-time translation

Don't speak the same language? No worries! Real-time translation allows you to get a smooth chatting experience. With our 24/7 moderation system, you’re guaranteed a fun and safe experience in our community. Whenever you’re looking for someone to talk to ASAP, Hay will be your best choice.

Cool filters & Personalized homepage display

With Hay's powerful video effects, everyone can make friends with good looks! Add interesting backgrounds, filters and beauty effects to chat, your style is up to you. Add life photos, hobbies, personalized Q&A on your personal homepage, send signals to those you love and find true resonance!

Best Omegle TV For Chat With Strangers

Hay is the perfect alternative to Omegle TV. With our real-time video chat feature, you can easily talk to strangers from around the world, just like on Omegle TV. But unlike Omegle TV, Hay offers a safer and more enjoyable experience with high-quality video, fast connections, and fun filters. If you're looking for the best video chat site like Omegle TV, look no further than Hay. Try it out now and discover why it's the top choice for chatting with strangers online. The following are user reviews.


"As a regular user of both Hay and Omegle TV, I can confidently say that Hay is the better option. The video chat quality is excellent and the random matching system allows me to talk to people from all over the world. Plus, the ability to filter by gender and location makes it easier to find people to chat with. I've had some great conversations on Hay and have made some really cool new friends. Highly recommend giving it a try if you're into video chat and talking to strangers."


"I love using Hay to chat with girls from all over the world. It's so much better than Omegle TV because you can actually filter by gender and location, so you're not wasting time talking to people who aren't your type. The video chat is really clear and the site is easy to use. I've had some really fun and interesting conversations on Hay and have even exchanged social media with a few girls I've talked to. Highly recommend!"


"Hay is hands down the best video chat site like Omegle TV out there. The random matching system is really quick and the ability to text chat or cam chat makes it easy to find people to talk to. I've had some hilarious and entertaining conversations on Hay and have met some really cool people. Plus, the site is totally safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about any creepy trolls or bots. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed."


"I've been using Hay for a few weeks now and I have to say, it's way better than Omegle TV. The video chat quality is so much better and the ability to filter by gender and location makes it easier to find people to talk to. I've had some really interesting conversations on Hay and have even learned a few things from people I've talked to. If you're into talking to strangers and want a safe and enjoyable video chat experience, Hay is the way to go."

Start Your Free Chat Online

Are you ready for some excitement and fun? Experience the thrill of meeting new people from around the world with Hay's free video chat! Don't wait any longer to connect and chat online for free. Join now and start your new social adventure!